Monday, October 11, 2010

[ M E A N S ]

Mural Billboard installation at the South Eastern Center For Contemporary Arts (SECCA)
Winston-Salem NC October 8, 2010
Group Show entitled NCNC: North Carolina Now Contemporary

[ M E A N S ]: translation "With In Means", or living with ones own means.

Re-used, found, house latex paint
Exploded spray paint cans
On hand plained Poplar from a house built in the mid 1800's in Virginia
Support beams from the coast of NC(via Danbury NC)
2 x 4's from Andy Griffith's home town of Mt. Airy, NC where lumber that does not meet the standards for commercial stores goes for resale.
Shopping cart from the 1940's with torn paper billboard posters found in the dumpsters of the billboard printing facilities.

Independent of BP's oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, each one of us is responsable to adding pollution to the oceans and it's up to each one of us to figure out what we can do about changing this fact of destruction.

Think about what it means to live with in ones means (as an individual and collectively).